BlackSys CF-100 Dash Cam

The BlackSys CF-a hundred is a dual channel dashboard digital camera from the Korean manufacturer CammSys Corp. The the front digital camera information at 1080p at 29.87 fps with a chunk charge of 14Mbps. The rear digital camera statistics at 720p at 30.063 fps with a bit rate of four.2Mbps. We would like to thank our member niko who supplied the review for this digicam on our forum thread.

This digital camera is the usage of a Cortex A8 processor and a Sony Exmor CMOS sensor for the front camera (first twin camera with an Exmor sensor). This combination affords right usual image fine but has some drawbacks.

Video quality all through the day is superb and night time is right for the the front digicam in most situations. Rear camera is right at some stage in the day but disappointing at night time. if you have tinted windows, the rear camera video quality degrades similarly. Like some of the Korean cameras based on Cortex processors (or maybe Texas units processors), video overall performance can go through in some situations with quite a few transferring objects. you can get pixelation or blocky video whilst recording scenes with plenty of trees for example. We aren’t certain if this may be corrected with firmware updates or if it’s miles a hardware difficulty.


The BlackSys CF-a hundred the front camera is 58mm x 100mm x 34mm. that is a medium sized digital camera and may be often hidden at the back of the rear view replicate. but, although it does no longer have a screen, it isn’t always the maximum discreet digital camera and the form element may not be to all and sundry’s flavor.

here’s a photo of the BlackSys CF-a hundred compared to the Urive Albatross II, Mobius, landscape II, Mini 0801 and DOD LS300W courtesy of our member niko.

recognized problems

MicroSD Card Slot

There have been a few court cases that doing away with the card from the MicroSD card slot is hard. it is extra tough to get rid of when you have brief finger nails. there’s no recognized method to this problem.

heat Deformation

One proprietor has indicated that the camera warped due to warmth publicity (walking parking mode on a warm sunny day) as shown in these pix. we are investigating if there are similarly instances like this or if this is a one off state of affairs. note the digital camera has a small heat sink and does not have a max temperature close down so working the digicam’s parking mode on a warm day is risky.

Where to I purchase?

in case you are searching out a complete featured digicam this version is one of the higher dual channel cameras available nowadays. Video first-rate is first rate for the front digital camera however might be better within the rear digital camera. Blocky video in a few situations is a problem and the form isn’t always the most discreet.

This digital camera used to promote for $two hundred but the fee has been dropped to underneath $100 which makes this one of the satisfactory dual camera bargains to be had nowadays. even as video high-quality is not as accurate as the twin 1080p cameras, it’s miles lots higher than the everyday chinese language dual camera on this fee variety (typically primarily based on the Allwinner chipset). For a higher dual camera, you will possibly want to spend more than double this rate.