Translation school reports with sworn translations

Very often in order to continue his studies abroad prompted the professional translations agency translate from Italian with certified value the school reports. The most common are the transcripts of the three years of junior secondary school or the five years of secondary education….

What is the Technical Translation & when we need it?

Talk about technical translation, specialized translation, and even scientific and technical translation is commonplace today. The question is: do all refer to the same thing? It is only translation of manuals or anything else? As well, to clarify some ideas, we should distinguish, firstly,…

Top reasons why Smart Android TV player box is MUST!

Top reasons why Smart Android TV player box is MUST! Over the years, science and technology have progressed a great deal. There have been hundreds of inventions based on technology and themajority of them have intended for one thing only – comfort of man!…

Free Ipod Games and Downloads – Where to Find Free Games and Downloads for Your iPod

There is another gaming world creating around the iPod today. While your iPod will come officially stacked with recreations, there are significantly a greater amount of them that you can download on the web. Some of these amusements can really be downloaded for nothing….