What is the Technical Translation & when we need it?

Talk about technical translation, specialized translation, and even scientific and technical translation is commonplace today. The question is: do all refer to the same thing? It is only translation of manuals or anything else? As well, to clarify some ideas, we should distinguish, firstly, between science and technology and scientific language and technical language.

Technical translation

There is no doubt that both terms are closely related. We could say that science refers to the set of structured knowledge gained through observation and reasoning, that can be tested experimentally. On the other hand, the technique refers to the practical procedures that come from the hand of science and, usually, require certain skills or skills. Both merge technology, applied science.

The Ministry of science and technology published a systematization of the fields of science and technology carried out by UNESCO. You can access it here.

Technical translation and scientific translation, is the same?

Often, we have a somewhat confused use of these terms. It gives to understand that technical French to English Translation Services is exclusively related to the fields of technology, such as translation of manuals of machines, equipment, tools and instruments. Scientific translation, on the other hand, seems to refer exclusively to pharmaceutical documents or natural sciences.

However, the scientific and technical translation cannot be separated by fields or disciplines: both modalities can occur in all areas of science and technology.

We can say that the technical and scientific language are differentiated by their function or purpose, target audience which are directed, the field where originate, as well as by the type of texts produced.

Scientific translation the scientific language is written by scientists and originates in areas of research and education. It is more universal, with English as a lingua franca, their record is cultured, academic and theoretical and its function is the transmission of knowledge, findings or perspectives (scientific communication and dissemination). Types of frequent texts found here are articles, essays, as well as treaties and textbooks. Its target audience is the collective scientific and academic and, in the case of disclosure, the educated general public.

Technical Translation The technical language is written by technicians, usually in an industrial area. Her record is closer to the common language, tends to have more local or regional variants, and its function is practical: instructor teach. We have texts of varying degrees of technicality, as patents, manuals, technical instructions, and supports online and technical sheets. Frequently, being technical documentation of products, in certain types of texts is added to the intent to sell, as it happens in marketing material like catalogues, brochures and web sites. Depending on the type of text, you can go to a specialized public or the user in general.

We see that, sometimes, the range of action of a translator in regards to technical English to Spanish Translation Services goes beyond the translation of a manual or a technical document, and need to know adapt to the characteristics of each textual genre.

Today, speak simply of “technical language” us falls a bit short, since there are many channels through which we communicate (oral, written, visual…), it would be more correct to talk of technical communication.

A terminological approach, both the technical and scientific language can contain the same specialized lexicon, so often tend to include in a single category: “scientific and technical vocabulary” or “specialized”.

The legacy of technical translators

Rosette stone during the history of mankind, the translation has always been important for the scientific and technological advancement. The famous Rosetta stone, which represents a decree in three languages, allowed to decipher the hieroglyphs with the help of the other two languages: Greek and demotic. Thanks to this finding could access all the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians written in this hitherto incomprehensible symbolic language.

Technical language features

We can say that the technical language is a subset of the language, with partial matches with common language but with specific uses of a given subject. Some linguistic features of this language are:

Objectivity: in general, this type of texts have an informative or explanatory work but, above all, they must be objective and clear. Technical terms must be precise so that we quickly relate the term with the reality that called and thus avoid ambiguity (1 term = reference 1)

Terminological consistency: within a text is always maintain terminological consistency, i.e., if we are not clear whether using one term or another, must not alternating them throughout the text, as it will only cause confusion in the reader. It may happen that some term does not have equivalence in the target language the translator will need to find an alternative to solve the problem, as it can be the use of a loan, neologism, or, in the latter case, try to explain the term. In any case, it should be a consistent solution and you should not take lightly, since the technical language is quite strict and does not agree that proliferate erroneous terms or to bring confusion. There are agencies that regulate products and services at national and international level (AENOR, ISO, etc.), where you can find references to terms that can be very useful when it comes to translate a text, or in the work of documentation.

Precision: avoid the use of unnecessary words that make sure the text has a style more elaborate and often confusing.

Logical style: drafting of texts, in general, changes according to the language of that question. So one of the tasks of the translator is to decide what is the proper way to write a text in a given language: using the active voice or passive, in case you or your readers…

Despite having guidelines General about how prepares the technical documentation, yet are little known, and therefore they have had little impact, the modern technologies of assisted in drafting technical translation. We are convinced that the great benefits which will do that companies not take to become aware of the need to optimize texts for later Chinese to English Translation Services , whether for database-assisted translation systems or even to machine translation. The tasks of technical writing often fall on own technical experts that, in many cases, have no training as a technical editor.

Tips for the translation of technical texts

Understand the context: is essential to know to whom it is directed the text, what will be its use, etc., to achieve the desired specialty in each case.

Documented: the work of documentation can save us many problems when it comes to translate. Be familiar with the topic, have glossaries and know where to go if we have doubts us saves time and speeds up the work of the translator.

Stay up to date: especially if we are specialized in a particular field, must inform us insofar as possible of what be going on in the field in question. In this way the documentation may not be so laborious.

Keep the textual coherence: in technical texts is essential precision and accuracy, respect the terminology, take care of spelling and grammar, etc., since the minimum error can have important consequences.

Attention to neologisms: sometimes is taken for granted that a recent creation (especially in the case of English) Word does not have an equivalent in the target language. In many cases it is true, and the English word is taken as a standard and universal but must make sure always that there is no equivalent in the target language.

Eye with acronyms, abbreviations, and acronyms!: can happen between different areas of knowledge there is coincidence in acronyms to designate different realities. It is likely that by the context we rule out any of the options, but we must confirm this with some reliable source. We must know the conventions of writing of these elements (with or without point, uppercase and lowercase, spaces etc.).

Control units of measure and figures: should make sure of correct writing of figures in the languages with which we work, and also make the necessary conversions to make understandable text in the target language. Errors in figures, depending on the content of the text, can lead to very serious errors.

Features of RC Quadcopters

Features of RC Quadcopters

For innovative features, the RC Qaudcopters is dynamic in many ways and are in great demand. The high level of the output and the comfort make it an essential item for your use. For offering high functionality it is in great demand. This remote control drone is formed with exclusive quality and durable material. For enjoying the comfort in the efficiency the users need to focus on the quality and the features of it. It makes your picnic more entertaining and enjoyable due to HD camera. When going to purchase, these innovative items you must focus on these lines because the item that you are buying must be convenient and the comfortable.



  • Offers crystal clear Picture quality
  • Easy to install and charging during floating in mid air
  • Portable and compatible
  • It is user’s friendly device
  • Contains multicolor LED lights
  • Offers high-resolution picture quality
  • Remote control, FPV, Wi-fi connection
  • As small as easy to keep in the pocket
  • Lightweight and portable

Wi-Fi Connection

It is an amazing device that is exclusive in HD quality camera. It is highly wonderful for removing distortion. It gives a high-quality performance that ensures clarity. Its battery life is incredible with stress-free eighteen-month warranty. It is user’s friendly device that comes with welcome- guide, micro USB charging cable and a built-in camera for handling selfies.

  • It is very easy to carry and charge during usage
  • It is portable and contains compact design
  • Durable due to the strong material
  • Offers solidity with the help of the pure material
  • Integrated with waterproof technology
  • User’s friendly device
  • Offers sound clarity
  • Works in wide area can be used outdoor

It is stated that due to cordless technology and innovative features, this JJRC H37 is highly efficient. It offers high- technical services of the cordless drone. It is responsible for the amazing flight with a stable landing. These items allow the user to avail an integrated voice, direct inward data, and outward detail. These devices are functional on tremendous Wi-Fi signals that depends upon the area.

Modern Technology

These drones are extremely unique due to innovative traits. These are portable, wireless, compact, lightweight, compatible and efficient devices. These are simple to install. You can connect it with your mobile devices and computers. These are easy to install on these devices. These are power savers. These are designed with the technology that is eco-friendly. These devices can be used for outdoor activities because these drones can be installed in particular area permanently.

Due to the modern technology, it is highly in great demand. Users can easily keep it in the pocket. It is very easy to take with you because it is foldable. The drawback of these drones is that these are power saver but not powerful as compared to other speakers. These speakers have limited range of 30 feet. You can use these items in the area of 30 feet or inside the home. These are user’s friendly devices that are in demand due to the modern technology. It is good for those who need easy to use technology.

Top reasons why Smart Android TV player box is MUST!

Top reasons why Smart Android TV player box is MUST!

Over the years, science and technology have progressed a great deal. There have been hundreds of inventions based on technology and themajority of them have intended for one thing only – comfort of man! People these days look for comfort and this is why they strive to invent things that not only make life easier but better too! Whilst television is a relatively older invention now that has been around for a few decades; the HDD player is the latest invention of the high-end tech series. In this article, we are concerned with talking about the top reasons why this high-end HD player device is a MUST for users in present modern times.

What is an HD player?

An HD player is a compact unit singular device. It is basically a media player device that is attachable with the television, LED screen or even computing devices. The key function of this device is that it stores data as well as plays different media file types to play on the connected device.

Best HD player available

There is a general debate for how to pick the best HD player device. With several brands out there offering high-end devices, the choice is definitely been made difficult for the users. Despite personal preferences, the smart Android TV player box is being named as the best media player device available for users these days. Let’s take a look at all the reasons that make this device a worthy choice and a must possession as well.

  • Versatile

The first reason that definitely makes this media player device a top choice for users is the versatility it offers to the users. People are able to enjoy all types of media files in as per choice. This media player makes it possible for users to enjoy everything and offers a seamless experience to the users. So you not only get to play movies or videos but it is just as compatible to play songs, photo gallery and what not!

  • Easy to use

The next thing that makes it such a top choice for modern day users is the ease of use. With a remote control access, the users have complete control over what they watch. The functions and controls are very easy too as well as the setup of the media player. There are no heavy duty cords involved neither do users have to worry about manual setup and manual control. Convenience is a key feature that makes this media player such a popular choice for users. Moreover, all latest players come with parental control as well.

  • Affordability

One big positive feature of this media player is the affordability quotient. Whilst many people think it is very expensive, this particular player box is the most reasonably priced media player device that is currently trending in the market these days. It is smart, easy and definitely very affordable for users which make it a top choice and must have!

Free Ipod Games and Downloads – Where to Find Free Games and Downloads for Your iPod

There is another gaming world creating around the iPod today. While your iPod will come officially stacked with recreations, there are significantly a greater amount of them that you can download on the web. Some of these amusements can really be downloaded for nothing. These amusements incorporate everything from test diversions to kill puzzles wherein you are to be the one to get the executioner. Along these lines, as should be obvious, the iPod is no longer only for music in a hurry as the organization is presently committed to giving awesome new amusements to their clients.

You should be watchful at whatever point you are looking for these recreations in light of the fact that there are a considerable measure of sites that claim to have these amusements yet they in reality don’t have them. One site that you can really rely on for these recreations is iPod Arcade. This truly is your 1 stop asset for the majority of the diversions that iPod brings to the table. Best of all, these amusements are totally free and simple to download.

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There are really huge amounts of recreations on this site. Actually, all that you could envision or longing is there. There are question and answer contests including everything from Bible random data to sports random data and everything believable in the middle. On the off chance that you are intrigued, you can likewise make your own particular question and answer contests. Obviously, there are additionally diversions in which you can pick your own particular experience. You can do everything from breaking out of prison to catching creatures that have gotten away from your zoo.

Different things that you may appreciate on your iPod incorporate Mad Libs and jokes. A Mad Lib is an entertaining little story that you can compose. It is your “occupation” to enter the missing words at whatever point you are requested them. With respect to the jokes, they incorporate ‘yo mother,’ conversation starters and jokes.

Today, significantly more individuals are ending up noticeably very fixated on innovation. These individuals are enduring to run and purchase the following enormous thing. The iPod is it at this moment since it would act be able to as a TV, stereo and gaming unit all moved into one.