Children and dogs

One of the most frequent questions of prospective parents is how to introduce a new baby in a home in which resides a dog. Normally this question generates many doubts since there is certain fear of future interactions between the child and dog. Fortunately, most of the dogs look at children with curiosity and no signs of aggression towards them. However, some dogs can perceive to babies as a strange mammal and a possible piece of hunting, especially those who have never seen a baby and, therefore, may not recognize it as a breeding of human beings. To help prevent accidents, we must take some precautions.

Take precautions to avoid accidents

Firstly we have to make sure that our the online dog trainer review has no problem of aggression towards children or adults or that has not presented any predatory behavior (of Hunt) to birds, cats or any other mammal.

If the dog has indicated some kind of aggression before, parents should consult a therapist of animal behavior. This can evaluate the animal and indicate, if necessary, a work plan to reduce the likelihood that the dog may have aggressive behaviors with new child.

The owners of dogs without problems should be aware that their behavior with the arrival of the baby, to receive less attention than before. The dog can resort to destructive activities to draw attention or do so simply to relieve boredom. It can happen that it is the animal more severely when approaching the child, or is isolated him to not annoy you, dog can establish an association between the child and the new deal. Therefore it is advisable for the dog to participate in the new family situation, while keeping a constant vigilance, so that you learn to incorporate the baby as one member of the family.

Please, it is essential to remember that an animal should not be only with a child in any case. Not because the dogs are aggressive with children by nature, but because the latter can have strange towards the animal reactions when it approaches them to search for physical contact, or simply to embrace them to show honey.

Until the new Member of the family is older to behave properly with the dog, approximately at the age of 10, should not be allowed children and dogs to act reciprocally without knowing how they respond in such circumstances.

This is a measure of very important security that protects both the child and the dog.

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