BlackSys CF-100 Dash Cam

The BlackSys CF-a hundred is a dual channel dashboard digital camera from the Korean manufacturer CammSys Corp. The the front digital camera information at 1080p at 29.87 fps with a chunk charge of 14Mbps. The rear digital camera statistics at 720p at 30.063 fps with a bit rate of four.2Mbps. We would like to thank our member niko who supplied the review for this digicam on our forum thread.

This digital camera is the usage of a Cortex A8 processor and a Sony Exmor CMOS sensor for the front camera (first twin camera with an Exmor sensor). This combination affords right usual image fine but has some drawbacks.

Video quality all through the day is superb and night time is right for the the front digicam in most situations. Rear camera is right at some stage in the day but disappointing at night time. if you have tinted windows, the rear camera video quality degrades similarly. Like some of the Korean cameras based on Cortex processors (or maybe Texas units processors), video overall performance can go through in some situations with quite a few transferring objects. you can get pixelation or blocky video whilst recording scenes with plenty of trees for example. We aren’t certain if this may be corrected with firmware updates or if it’s miles a hardware difficulty.


The BlackSys CF-a hundred the front camera is 58mm x 100mm x 34mm. that is a medium sized digital camera and may be often hidden at the back of the rear view replicate. but, although it does no longer have a screen, it isn’t always the maximum discreet digital camera and the form element may not be to all and sundry’s flavor.

here’s a photo of the BlackSys CF-a hundred compared to the Urive Albatross II, Mobius, landscape II, Mini 0801 and DOD LS300W courtesy of our member niko.

recognized problems

MicroSD Card Slot

There have been a few court cases that doing away with the card from the MicroSD card slot is hard. it is extra tough to get rid of when you have brief finger nails. there’s no recognized method to this problem.

heat Deformation

One proprietor has indicated that the camera warped due to warmth publicity (walking parking mode on a warm sunny day) as shown in these pix. we are investigating if there are similarly instances like this or if this is a one off state of affairs. note the digital camera has a small heat sink and does not have a max temperature close down so working the digicam’s parking mode on a warm day is risky.

Where to I purchase?

in case you are searching out a complete featured digicam this version is one of the higher dual channel cameras available nowadays. Video first-rate is first rate for the front digital camera however might be better within the rear digital camera. Blocky video in a few situations is a problem and the form isn’t always the most discreet.

This digital camera used to promote for $two hundred but the fee has been dropped to underneath $100 which makes this one of the satisfactory dual camera bargains to be had nowadays. even as video high-quality is not as accurate as the twin 1080p cameras, it’s miles lots higher than the everyday chinese language dual camera on this fee variety (typically primarily based on the Allwinner chipset). For a higher dual camera, you will possibly want to spend more than double this rate.

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Translation school reports with sworn translations

Very often in order to continue his studies abroad prompted the professional translations agency translate from Italian with certified value the school reports.

The most common are the transcripts of the three years of junior secondary school or the five years of secondary education.

We are highly specialized in the translation of these documents study: our translations of report cards are sworn and legally complete, ready for presentation abroad.

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The scans of documents stamped, stamped and signed are anticipated to the customer via email

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Discounted rates for rehearsals

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Report card

This focus allows us to offer highly discounted costs for the overall work of sworn translation of report cards of primary, secondary or higher in Italy. Of course we face with the same attention to price even the foreign transcripts to the Italian translation projects, counting the repeats that may be present in all documents.

The analysis of the documents to be translated and the development budget are free services: ask for your free quote for translation of all your report cards.

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The 10 Essential Functions of a Beginner Sewing Machine

Whether you choose a mechanical or electronic sewing machine , you will discover the many features that each machine manufacturer offers to seduce you. The most advanced, and often the most expensive, sewing machines offer more features than entry-level machines. However, all its features will not be useful for you to start. To help you better understand the different functions offered by the hundreds of sewing machine models available on the market, we have grouped the features that we think are the most interesting and which you may need to get started and the best of ways in the world of sewing. To go further on the subject, you can also consult the buying guide that we have made to help you choose the sewing machine that best suits you.

best sewing machines

Best Features for a Sewing Machine

  • Adjusting the width and length of the stitches

This is a very important feature to consider when choosing a sewing machine. The adjustment of the width makes it possible to vary the spacing of a point whereas the adjustment of the length makes it possible to vary the distance between two punctures of the needle in the fabric. Depending on the sewing machines, it is possible to vary the width and length of the dots up to 9 mm for the most upscale machines. On the most common machines, the range usually ranges up to 4 or 7 mm. This is for example the case on the Brother Innovis sewing machine line . On the other hand, for some entry-level sewing machines, thelength and width of the dots are often preset and can not be changed. These automatic settings can be useful for beginner seamstresses who only use their machine for small spot repairs. For others, it may limit you radically in your progress and the realization of your creations.

  • The free arm

A sewing machine with free arm is a machine on which you can remove the accessory box or the removable tray to access the free arm. In particular, it allows threading and sewing pieces of cylindrical fabric such as sleeves or trouser legs.

  • Automatic buttonhole

The majority of sewing machines offer one or more types of buttonholes . On the most basic machines, buttonholes require four steps as for the most advanced, the buttonhole is made in one step

  • Adjustable pressure of the presser foot or presser foot

It is used to increase or decrease the pressure exerted by the presser foot on the fabric. For thick fabrics, there will be a tendency to decrease the pressure of the foot while it will be increased for finer fabrics. On high-end machines, it is a setting that can be done automatically.

  • The speed variator

The dimmer or speed controller makes it easy to control the sewing speed of your sewing machine. A slow speed to gain precision when finishing and a faster speed to sew longer lengths of fabric such as curtains for example. It is a useful function for beginners to learn to master their sewing machine or even for children. The sewing speed is limited by your machine. When you press your pedal fully, your machine will not be able to exceed the set speed. The drive controller can be used with either the rheostat pedal or the on / off button .

  • The on / off button

This is the button that allows you to sew without having to use the pedal of the best sewing machine since it replaces it. This is a very useful feature for seamstresses who may feel pain from pressing the pedal too long.

  • Adjusting the thread tension

This setting adjusts the tension of the upper thread according to the thickness of the thread or the thickness of the fabric used. This is not a feature that you will have to handle very often especially when you start. Most electronic machines also offer automatic voltage adjustment.

  • Setting the needle stop position (high or low)

This is the setting that allows you to choose the position of your needle when you finish pricking your fabric. You can choose to automatically stop your needle in the up or down position . By selecting the low position, the needle will always remain in the fabric when you stop sewing. This keeps your fabric in place even when you raise the presser foot. You can turn the fabric, sew in the corners, make appliqués or associate pieces of fabric together for example.

  • The number of training claws

The training claws are the small metal teeth placed under the needle plate. They are used to advance the fabric in the sewing direction optimally. The more claws there are, the more the fabric will move smoothly and evenly. Some sewing machine manufacturers like Pfaff offer dual-drive systems that move the fabric from below but also over. This is useful for thick fabrics or for connecting patterns as precisely as possible.

without the need to handle the garment halfway. Depending on the machine models, several styles of buttonholes can be proposed.

  • The breakpoint

The stitch is the stitch that stops the thread and ends a seam . The sewing machine makes a knot between the bobbin thread and the bobbin thread on the back of the fabric to secure the seams at the start and finish, so that the stitches are as strong as possible and do not discard not. You will not need to use the reverse function to start and finish your points.

In summary, for the purchase of a first sewing machine, you should at least check that your machine has the right point and the zig-zag point (the two essential points) with if possible the manual adjustment of the length of the machine. point, a free arm and a buttonhole . You can easily do without the rest of the options even if they bring a little more comfort.

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Buying French Food Online Doesn’t Mean Ordering French Fries

There are times after I almost resent having to force a mile down the street to the grocery store for the buying, and so the capacity to buy French food on line is an huge benefit. Years ago I used to often head across the Channel numerous instances a yr with a view to inventory up on the elements and the French elements which become actually not possible to find here inside the uk.

Visit our Site:

however of path, heading across the Channel to do your shopping is considerably greater inconvenient than driving 1 mile down the road to the supermarket, although there has been surely a more feel of journey associated with the enjoy. however it simply isn’t always the maximum low in cost way of obtaining French meals. united kingdom supermarkets stock very few French substances or examples of French substances, but even in those rare times in which French food is on sale in united kingdom supermarkets, often in bears about as much resemblance as the French food to be had in France as a muffin does to a baguette.

It isn’t always just creativeness, it clearly is the fact that French food acquired immediately from France is substantially distinctive from the French meals which supermarkets pass off as real. however even the fine stocked supermarkets on this united states are not able to provide the form of variety of elements that’s essential with a view to produce really extremely good French food. uk lovers of French delicacies have, till currently, had simplest one option. well, perhaps make that a few options, which includes swimming, flying, taking the ferry, or taking the teach.

French food

but whichever choice of transportation, it nonetheless way avoiding to a completely specific us of a, simply to do a niche of shopping. thankfully these days we are able to take benefit of all that the net has to offer, and one in all my private favourites is the truth that i’m now in a position to shop for French food on-line. shopping for French meals online is easy, even though it pays to make sure that the dealer you pick out surely is obtaining food direct from France.

it’s also really worth ensuring that the charges are fair, and postage is cheap. shipping instances are vital too, and while you’re taking on board all of these requirements, even though there’s nonetheless preference, the field is sincerely narrowed. but being capable of order a French elements on-line manner that when you have a dinner party developing and would really like to spice it up with a few authentic French components, it’s far now as smooth as logging directly to the website of desire, finding the French substances that you want, putting your order after which waiting for the parcel to reach a few days later.

Of direction, if you decide to have your French ingredients shipped across from France then it’s going to take a touch longer, but a better option is to pick a web retailer of French components that ships within the meals in bulk every day, or at least frequently, and is then able to deliver your order direct from their united kingdom based totally warehouse. because of this not only are you making the most of the opportunity of buying French food on line, however you are additionally taking advantage of the convenience that comes from understanding that it is being added within the united kingdom, that means that even when you have a dinner party for next weekend, you will still be able to rustle up your favored French dish.

thoughts you, buy French elements on-line isn’t pretty much a dinner events, because if you have a take a look at the range of elements to be had it’s superb how effortlessly you can rework every day dinners with the aid of something certainly special just by way of adding one or connoisseur components. except you experience swimming the Channel on a normal foundation, why no longer have a study the French meals on-line stores in preference to usually having to position up with French fries?

Automatic Folding Doors , Sliding Doors In UAE

Below is the information about the supplier’s transactions conducted via If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. JELD-WEN® custom wood folding windows offer the same advantages of a folding wall system — increased natural light, easy access to the outdoors for entertaining, gorgeous views — in any room of the home,” says Jim Parello, Vice President of Marketing for JELD-WEN.

For you this makes no difference, we have gathered the expertise automatic doors in dubai and experience and still offer superior Besam automatic pedestrian doors To complement your automatic doors, we also offer a broad range of industrial-, commercial- , high-performance- and hangar doors , as well as loading dock equipment and service from leading product brands Crawford, Albany and Megadoor.

Whatever the weather, sliding doors and bifolding doors allow you to enjoy your garden and bring the outdoors in. Large glazed panels admit light and keep out the harsher elements, merging home and garden and allowing for a space which can be effortlessly adapted to any season.

To complement our range of aluminium bifold doors we also provide the full range of Smart Systems Aluminium products including Visoline and Visoglide triple track patio doors, Alitherm aluminium windows, entrance and french doors in any RAL paint finish.

The world’s largest manufacturer of automatic system for gates like swing gate operators, sliding gate operators, road barrier operators, security & safety solutions, wide range of motors designed to carry the industrial sliding door the weighing up to 3.5 tons.

visa information

in case you are married, you may observe on the idea of being married.

If granted the visa, you will first of all receive a 2-yr temporary visa. After 2 years, if the relationship is still ongoing and your partner still sponsors you, you’ll be eligible for a everlasting residence visa.

The challenge to efficaciously making use of for this visa is being capable of prove your relationship is genuine and which you have lived collectively for at least 12 months without delay earlier than the date of your application. that is first-class achieved by offering a huge bundle of files as evidence along with, telephone facts, emails, leases, household payments, pictures, and many others. this can be difficult when you have been travelling throughout Australia, residing in type of places and arrangements, paying cash for the whole thing with little or no through way of a paper trail. without this paper path, you stand little danger of achievement.

In this situation, and if you have no different options, you could recollect making use of for a potential marriage visa (sublcass 300) or getting married. don’t forget although, honestly being married does not guarantee you that the visa can be granted.Get details from us dubai visa photo size.

visa info desk

The remaining hassle with partner visas is that if the relationship ends before you gain permanent residency so does your right to maintain the visa and stay in Australia on the idea of your de facto or partner dating.

Extending your work vacation visa with the aid of three hundred and sixty five days – 2d subclass 417 running holiday visa

most running holidaymakers are eligible to extend their visa for a similarly 12-month live in Australia.

this is executed by way of operating for 3 months (88 days) in local Australia (unique post code areas) in a unique occupation or employment. it is now incorrect now to apply the time period ‘seasonal work’ because the list of occupations available to work in to be eligible for extending your visa is now a long way broader.