Translation school reports with sworn translations

Very often in order to continue his studies abroad prompted the professional translations agency translate from Italian with certified value the school reports.

The most common are the transcripts of the three years of junior secondary school or the five years of secondary education.

We are highly specialized in the translation of these documents study: our translations of report cards are sworn and legally complete, ready for presentation abroad.

Our service is complete with all the required steps:

The translation is performed by professional mother-tongue translators specialized in the translation of documents.

The certification is carried out in court or at the Justice of the peace, and gives full legal value to the package.

The scans of documents stamped, stamped and signed are anticipated to the customer via email

At the conclusion of practice we ship the originals by courier throughout Italy and abroad.

Discounted rates for rehearsals

Our prices are extremely advantageous as we take into account the repetitions in the text: in most cases from year to year the reports only differ in a few details, which vary in the grid identical to document to document.

Report card

This focus allows us to offer highly discounted costs for the overall work of sworn translation of report cards of primary, secondary or higher in Italy. Of course we face with the same attention to price even the foreign transcripts to the Italian translation projects, counting the repeats that may be present in all documents.

The analysis of the documents to be translated and the development budget are free services: ask for your free quote for translation of all your report cards.