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in case you are married, you may observe on the idea of being married.

If granted the visa, you will first of all receive a 2-yr temporary visa. After 2 years, if the relationship is still ongoing and your partner still sponsors you, you’ll be eligible for a everlasting residence visa.

The challenge to efficaciously making use of for this visa is being capable of prove your relationship is genuine and which you have lived collectively for at least 12 months without delay earlier than the date of your application. that is first-class achieved by offering a huge bundle of files as evidence along with, telephone facts, emails, leases, household payments, pictures, and many others. this can be difficult when you have been travelling throughout Australia, residing in type of places and arrangements, paying cash for the whole thing with little or no through way of a paper trail. without this paper path, you stand little danger of achievement.

In this situation, and if you have no different options, you could recollect making use of for a potential marriage visa (sublcass 300) or getting married. don’t forget although, honestly being married does not guarantee you that the visa can be granted.Get details from us dubai visa photo size.

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The remaining hassle with partner visas is that if the relationship ends before you gain permanent residency so does your right to maintain the visa and stay in Australia on the idea of your de facto or partner dating.

Extending your work vacation visa with the aid of three hundred and sixty five days – 2d subclass 417 running holiday visa

most running holidaymakers are eligible to extend their visa for a similarly 12-month live in Australia.

this is executed by way of operating for 3 months (88 days) in local Australia (unique post code areas) in a unique occupation or employment. it is now incorrect now to apply the time period ‘seasonal work’ because the list of occupations available to work in to be eligible for extending your visa is now a long way broader.